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"Flipped Academy Courses were uniquely effective of its kind. Instructors were able to put forward complex concepts in increasing steps of difficulty with enough examples and intuitions. The courses' syllabus and flow of topics were designed keeping in mind every student's background - and that makes these series of courses highly recommended"

Rounak Datta - SDE@Hotstar

"Data Science Course offered by Flipped Academy helped me to build a strong foundation and clear understanding of the underlying mathematics rather than just implementaion of a code, which immensly hepled in my research works and also for job opportunities."

Rounak Vyas - Research Intern at Harvard Medical School

"What an exciting learning journey! Coming from a physics background, never expected to develop my coding skills so well in a span of less than 2 months. Feeling lot more confident in establishing a better career with IT skills."

Sajeer P - M.Tech Nano Science and Engineering, IISc Bangalore