Rounak Dutta
SDE at Hotstar

“ Flipped Academy were uniquely effective of its kind. Instructors were able to put forward complex concepts in increasing steps of difficulty with enough examples and intuitions. The courses' syllabus and flow of topics were designed keeping in mind every student's background - and that makes these series of courses highly recommended. ”

Course Syllabus

Week 1 :
• Why Full Stack Developer is the next big job?
• Introduction to Frontend Frameworks [HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap]

Week 2 :
• Understanding of Web Frameworks
• Introduction to Flask : Python based Web Framework
• Introduction to Databases : SQL vs NoSQL • Project Implementation - Phase 1

Week 3 :
• Designing and Deploying Database : MySQL and Firebase Realtime DB
• Introduction to Django : Python based Full Stack Web Framework
• Project Implementation - Phase 2

Week 4 :
• Defining Quality Assurance and Unit Test scenarios using Selenium
• Introduction to CI/CD using GitHub workflows
• Project Implementation - Phase 3
• Deployment of Web Frameworks to the Cloud using Heroku

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