About this Course

An accelerated online programme of live classes, mentorship, and career guidance designed to get you a career in full stack development, fast. We provide job guarantees for Fellows who stand eligible for participating in this programme.

Apply for the next cohort:
Application deadline: 09-February-2021

We view applications on a first come, first served basis, and the sooner you get yours in, the better chance you have of moving forward. Once you've completed your application, you'll move to the coding challenge. This coding challenge is designed for you to show off your current abilities. You'll get 72 hours to complete the challenge once you start, so make sure you're prepared to give it your all. Keep in mind: You don't have to finish all of the challenges, but you do need to do as much as you can. We look at the quality of your work as well as the quantity. And make sure you save as you go. You can always come back and continue your work anytime during the challenge open dates. But the last time you save is the version we'll look at.

After the coding challenge, we'll contact the most promising candidates to set up a time for an online interview with our instructors and staff.

Those who show the most promise during the entire application process are awarded one of our limited tuition-free spots, so put your best foot forward.

Tuition-free spots are limited, but that's not the only way to attend our program. We now offer income sharing, which allows you to pay for your tuition after you've secured a job and payable in 3 EMIs.

What’s more?
During the fellowship programme, fellows receive guidance and mentorship from Flipped Academy’s career success team. They check in with students one-on-one, run mock interviews, help with negotiations during the hiring process, and keep students feeling motivated and supported.


Rounak Dutta
SDE at Hotstar

“ Flipped Academy were uniquely effective of its kind. Instructors were able to put forward complex concepts in increasing steps of difficulty with enough examples and intuitions. The courses' syllabus and flow of topics were designed keeping in mind every student's background - and that makes these series of courses highly recommended. ”

Course Syllabus

Week 1 :
• Why Full Stack Developer is the next big job?
• Introduction to Frontend Frameworks [HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap]
• Understanding of Web Frameworks
• Introduction to Databases : SQL vs NoSQL
• Designing and Deploying Database : MySQL and Firebase Realtime DB

Week 2 :
• Introduction to Flask : Python based Web Framework
• Introduction to Django : Python based Full Stack Web Framework
• Defining Quality Assurance and Unit Test scenarios using Selenium
• Project Implementation - Phase 1

Week 3 :
• Fundamentals of Computer Networking.
• OSI Model
• Routing and Switching Fundamentals
• IP Addressing/Subnetting schemes
• DNS basics
• Networking Tools/Troubleshooting
• Software Defined Networking Basics • Project Implementation - Phase 2

Week 4 :
• Essentials of Cloud computing
• Cloud and Virtualization Architecture
• Cloud Deployment Architecture
• Cloud providers – An Overview
• Why we need DevOps on Cloud?
• Introduction to CI/CD using GitHub workflows
• Project Implementation - Phase 3
• Deployment of Web Frameworks to the Cloud using Heroku
• Introducing to Amazon Web Services
• Setup AWS account
• DevOps using AWS – EC2, S3 Storage

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