Hiring the right candidate is time consuming & costly!

At Flipped Hire, we have the right solution!
Our AI driven personalised assessment platform carries out a rigorous assessment of candidates and provides the right candidates to organisations saving time, money and removing bias.

How do we do it?

Intelligent Profile Analysis

Our platform analyses a candidate's profile, CV and job preferences to create a personalized assessment plan.

Personalized Assessments

Candidates go through a tailored Technical and Psychometric Assessment based on their profile.

Qualified candidates go through further HR and live online coding assessments.

Candidate Recommendation

Flipped Hire examines job requirements from organisations to identify the most critical skills.

Qualified candidate profiles are then mapped to the right jobs and the profiles are made available to organizations with detailed assessment reports and personalised hiring pathways for the candidates.

Customised Career Pathway for Candidates

Flipped Hire also builds a customised and personalized learning path for candidates to develop skills in the most efficient way possible by analysing their current skills against their dream career.

We work with

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