Module : Introduction to Databases : MySQL and Firebase
Domain : Full Stack

This is a self-paced accelerated programme :
• You complete the course at your own pace
• The course has multiple assessments throughout the video lectures
• You get access to 5 hours of on-demand programme content
• Get full lifetime access
• Personal Mentorship available at a premium cost
• Get Certificate of Completion

Flow of the programme :
• Register for the course
• Readiness Assessment
• Pre-Assessment
• Video Lectures
• Assignments
• Post-Assessment

By the end of this course you will learn the following :
• What is a Database and Database Management Systems
• Understanding users in a Database
• Logical and Physical Data Independence
• Introduction to Entity Relationship (ER) Models
• Defining Attributes and Keys in ER Models
• Relationships between ER Models
• Normalization Concepts
• Introduction to MySQL
• Creating MySQL DB with php
• Creation of Tables and basic SQL operations
• Introduction to Firebase Realtime DB
• Setting up Firebase Realtime DB

You will also be complete the following assignment:
• Setting up MySQL DB
• Setting up Firebase Realtime DB